Current Contracts & Past Performances

Current Contracts

Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Test Support, 556 TES & Det 4 53 TMG – Nellis AFB

We provide support for all applicable aspects of daily operations of the 556 TES and Det 4 including drafting and support for test plans, Concept of Test Briefings, Operational Risk Management, Combined Readiness Reviews, Flight Readiness Reviews, Test Execution Brief, test execution run cards, fielding recommendations, data collection/analysis/archiving, report writing, tactics writing (bulletins and white papers), aircrew training and products, maintenance training and products, support to Software Configuration Control Boards, and other requirements as requested by the government.

26 Weapons School Squadron (WPS) Flying Operations Support – Nellis AFB

We provide 26 Weapons School Squadron (WPS) Flying Operations Support Services with enhanced decision-making, technological expertise, and mission critical support to meet their evolving needs.

Flying Operations Support – Creech AFB

We provide Training, Basic Scheduling, Aircrew Scheduling, Standardization/Evaluation (Stan/Eval), PEX Administration, Weather Forecasting, and Mission Planning Cell operations.

Squadron Operations Support – MacDill AFB

We provide Aircrew Scheduling, Mission Planning, Training Support, Standardization and Evaluations (Stan/Eval), and other operational related functions to maintain non-flying duties in the squadrons.

F-16 Weapons System Support Contract – Holloman AFB

We provide F‐16 academic instruction, Aircrew Training Device instruction/console/cockpit operations, comprehensive courseware development, and training support.

Aircrew Training and Courseware Development – USAFWS, Nelis AFB

We provide expert knowledge in aircrew scheduling, and training.

612 AOC Operational and Functional SME – Davis Monthan AFB

We provide Air Operations Center (AOC) operational and functional subject matter experts (SME) to augment and enhance operations at the 612 AOC (AFSOUTH) Davis-Monthan AZ and as deployed in the Continental United States (CONUS) and Outside the Continental United States (OCONUS) AOC locations.

Western Hemisphere Information Sharing Initiative Services (WHISI DMAFB) - Davis Monthan AFB, AZ

We provide AOC functional operators and technicians to augment and enhance forces and operations at the site, specifically the 612 AOC, 12 AF/AFSOUTH, Davis-Monthan AFB (DMAFB), AZ.

612 AOC C2 Training – Davis Monthan AFB

We provide training program expertise and exercise/project support to the 612 AOC and 12 AF (AFSOUTH), operational C2 training and exercise activities.

Aircraft Wash Services – Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam and Pittsburgh ARS

We provide C-17 Aircraft Exterior/Interior Wash Services, and Static Fighter Wash (JBPHH) and C-17 Aircraft Wash services, scheduled aircraft washes, post- wash lubrication, clear water rinses, complete major and minor interior cleaning, under floor bilge wash, and area spot washes (PARS).

94 Maintenance Group Aircraft Wash & Corrosion Control Services – Dobbins ARB

We provide C-130 Aircraft Exterior/Interior Wash ServicesB-29 Static Display Wash ServicesC-130 & C-5 Ground Trainer Aircraft (GITA)Wash Services.

Aircraft Fleet Services – March ARB

We provide team members trained to meet 2T2Xl CFETP standards to provide superior fleet and de-fleet services to aircraft and Air Transportable Galley Lavatory (ATGL) permanently assigned to the 452 Air Mobility Wing (normally C- 1 Ts and KC-135's) and all transient military aircraft. We provide fleeting service to all transient military aircraft (i.e. C-17, C-5, KC-135, KC-10, etc.) at March ARB. For non-military commercial carriers (i.e. B-737, B-747, MD-11, DC-10, etc.).

Past Performances

Numbered Air Force Subject Matter Experts (SME) – Davis Monthan AFB and Nelis AFB

We provided specialized AOC functional operators, technicians and subject matter experts (SME) to augment and enhance forces and operations at 608 AOC (AFGSC) Barksdale AFB LA, 609 AOC (AFCENT) Shaw AFB SC, 612 AOC (AFSOUTH) Davis Monthan AZ, 710 Combat Operation Squadron (AOS) (ARC), Langley AFB VA, and deployed in the Continental United States (CONUS) and Outside the Continental United States (OCONUS) AOC locations.

Operations Group (OG) Administrative Support – Dover AFB

We provided the flying squadron functional support with proficient personnel with experience working as a squadron aircrew scheduler, MAF or DoD Squadron/Group/Wing training and Stan/Eval programs.

Test Examiner – Luke AFB

We provided services in support of U.S. Air Force voluntary off-duty education program to include the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES), Air Force Professional Military Education (PME) testing programs, Career Development Course (CDC) testing, Defense Language Proficiency Test, Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLPT/DLAB/AFCT/ECL), Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT), FAA Testing, academic institution distance learning, Typing exam, Air Force Reading Assessment (AFRA T), Air Force Institute for Advanced Distributive Learning and 2AF computer based testing (Type 6, CBT) program.

Transient Aircraft Maintenance Services – Barksdale AFB

We provided Transient Alert Manager Control, Arrival Services, Processing Services and Departure Services.

Aircrew Transportation Services – March ARB

We provided Transportation Services for Aircrew Member, Transient Military, Duty Passengers, and Space-Available Passengers.

Our Clients

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612th Air Operations Center

USAF Weapons School

911th Airlift Wing

50th Air Refueling SQ


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