Mission success relies on more than just the front lines. Your behind-the-scenes staff are just as
important as those on center stage. A2M has the support you need to complete your team.

We Provide:

  • Mission Planning
  • Aircrew scheduling
  • Management Training
  • Management
  • Mission Support
  • Cell (ISR)
  • Operations Analyst

Information Technology/Information Systems (IT/IS)

A2M provides System and Network Administration and Database Management. Our employees are
experienced in everything from general Data Warehousing and Systems Administration to the very
specific WHISI Architecture, Management, and Configuration. A2M employs the IT/IS personnel to
achieve mission success.

We Provide:

  • System and Network Administration
  • Database Management
  • Weapon System & Configuration Management
  • System and Network Administration
  • ISR Subject Matter Expert
  • Operation and Plans Support
  • Weapon System Architecture Operations JICC and COD Cell
  • Weapons System Architecture MX Software and Systems
  • Exercise Support, Red Flag, Blue Flag, Integrated Advance
  • Air Operations Center IQT, MQT, CT
  • Orientation Training
  • Scheduling, Monitoring, Executing, and Evaluating Exercises

Aircrew Training

A2M has understands the importance of personnel training. Properly trained professionals are less likely
to make mistakes, saving you time and money.

We Provide:

  • Aircrew Training CAT/CWD, Instructor SME
  • Information Security Systems Officer (ISSO)
  • Security Specialist
  • Training Development Specialist
  • Simulator Training
  • Operational Test & Training Support
  • Instructional System Design

RPA (Remote Piloted Aircraft)

Advancements in technology has given rise to Remote Piloted Aircraft. A2M offers training to advance
your personnel’s knowledge and abilities in the field of RPA.

We Provide:

  • RPA OT&E Test Support Services
  • RPA Ground Control Stations MX
  • SOC, C2, and Tactical Data Links
  • Air, Space, and Cyberspace Operations
  • MQ-1/9, Tactical Simulation Operations Support
  • MX-1/9, Console Operator Support

Aircraft Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance of aircraft and flight equipment is a necessity for safe flights and mission

We Provide:

  • Transit Alert
  • Aircraft Wash Services
  • Maintenance and Operations
  • Corrosion Prevention Exterior Wash
  • Corrosion prevention interior wash
  • KC135 Fleet Services
  • Enroute Fleet Services
  • Aircrew Transportation